Best Computer Puzzle Games and Apps

Welcome to our website where you will find all the information you need on the best computer puzzle games and apps. This site used to be the home of the Sonar puzzle game but it now includes information on all the other puzzle types game you can play including the best games, puzzle game betting sites, how to play puzzle games, and more. There are thousands of great computer puzzle games and they come in all shapes and sizes too. There are grid-based classic puzzle games like Tetris, adventure games like Legend of Zelda, and some amazing problem-solving titles too. The one thing computer puzzle games like the original Sonar puzzle game have in common is that they make your brain work as you try to solve them. The best games will leave you pondering on the solutions and have you playing for hours. On our site, we list the best puzzle games for both desktop and mobile devices. For people who like more excitement, there are even puzzle-based real money casino games that offer a unique combination of puzzle-solving gameplay and the possibility to win money. Our readers can try them for free with no deposit casino bonus from La Riviera casino, which they can get at There are games to suit all types of players and our in-depth reviews will help you find great titles.

Best Computer Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are mind games and they can be found online with a download and no download versions available. There's a huge range of categories including brain games, math, puzzle, word games, sudokus, memory games, and clue solving games. The games can be played on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices including Android and iOS. Our recommended best computer puzzle games include titles like World of Goo, Angry Birds, Inspector Parker, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Flight Control, Break Quest, and many more. Read our reviews and find the best sites to play free computer puzzle games.

Sonar Puzzle Game Types

The original Sonar puzzle game was a detective, clue-based game and there are some really great detective computer puzzle games available today. Players get to test their brain with questions that don't seem to have answers. There are stories included in some games that make them even more exciting. The Who Did It? games are great and you get to see if you can solve the murder. You can help solve forensic cases or family disputes with detective puzzle solving games. Some of the best games let you play as famous detectives like Sherlock Holmes. You can expect to find excellent graphics with storylines that will pull you into the game. There are different themes and settings from haunted houses, museums, high schools, cities, and even fantasy realms. You may even have to try and escape from unknown locations. Find a mystery puzzle game that excites you in our detective puzzle games section.

Best Hidden Clue Computer Puzzle Games

Play the best free hidden clue puzzle games. Can you find all the clues and solve the puzzles? This category of puzzle game is really popular and players get to travel through lots of different scenes finding items based on a list they have. They then get to solve logic puzzles. These games are highly addictive and we have all the information you need on the best games and where to play them. Below are the most popular Hidden Club computer puzzle games.

  • Hidden Folks: This is a great indie title and you'll have to open doors, peek inside tents, toggle switches, and more to solve this puzzle. There are lots of great scenes to explore and this game leads to hours of fun.
  • Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story: This puzzle game is a mix of hidden object scenes and puzzles and is based on spooky dolls, amusements parks, and graveyards. The storyline included in this game helps to keep players entertained.
  • Eventide: Slavic Fable: This game is based in a forest with a demon called Boruta and you have to defeat him using your keen eyes and by mixing potions.
  • Under Leaves: This fantastic game sees players looking for green lizards on a green background. The meticulous watercolour artwork is fabulous and finding the hidden objects is difficult.
  • Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe: Kick-ass space adventure mixed with medieval settings and steampunk is what this hidden object game delivers. It's high on puzzles and a great hidden objects game.

Online Puzzle Game Sites

There are lots of great online puzzle game sites and we have details on the best of them. Our experts rate and review all the site to ensure that you get the best computer puzzle games for free. We also include a list of sites where you can play for real money too. Solve the puzzles and you could be taking home a wad of cash. Be sure to check out our reviews and real money puzzle gaming sections for more information.

Free Download Computer Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are some of the most challenging games and great for getting the brain working. Each title brings with it something unique and you can spend hours immersed in the action. We have a list of great free download computer puzzle games for everyone to enjoy. Puzzle games range from point and click adventures to matching games. You'll also find jigsaws, card games, unique puzzles, mahjong, solitaire, and more. There are sub-genres to ensure that you don't get bored and you can play on mobile and desktop too.

Best Puzzle Apps for Android and iOS

Puzzle games are really popular with mobile gamers. You can play for a couple of minutes or for hours and they are also designed with touchscreen controls in mind. There are short mental challenges that are perfect for gaming on the go. Players will find abstract games, murder mysteries, and so much more. Below are some of the best puzzle apps for mobile gamers.

  • Deus Ex Go: Available on Android and iOS devices. Play as cybernetic agent Adam Jensen and infiltrate and hack your way past puzzles and hazards. Your goal is to unlock a techno-thriller mystery in this world. There are 50 missions, time limits, and more.
  • The Room 3: Available on Android and iOS, the Room is one of the most talked about computer puzzle games. It is a series of challenging puzzles that players have to unravel as they seek to unearth the secrets of The Null and the mysterious Craftsman.
  • Mini Metro: Available on iOS and Android, players have to create their own underground railway empire. Players start with a limited number of lines and trains and they have to connect stations together.
  • Warlock's Tower: Available on Android and iOS players have to deliver mail. This is a retro-styled puzzle game that is built around complex puzzles. You have to plan your moves with care.
  • Road Not Taken: This is a turn-based puzzle game that has a robed wizard working to save the town's children by reuniting them with their parents. You have to use your magic staff to pick up objects, animals, and children. Carrying them drains your life force so you need careful planning. Puzzles include crafting items and more.

Puzzle Game Sites for Betting

It's not just free computer puzzle games we have on our site either. There are some great puzzle game sites for betting too. Many of the top online casinos offer a range of puzzle games that you can play for real money. These usually come in the form of arcade puzzle games and our betting sites section will tell you all about them. Apart from puzzle games that you can play on online casino sites, on our website, you can discover countless titles and casino staple like keno and bingo. Don't forget to grab a bonus offer and play for free.