Top Puzzle Apps You'll Surely Enjoy Playing

Puzzle games have a way of putting us in perplexing situations, confusing us, teasing our minds and challenging us to solve things that we may have never thought solving before. The fame of this kind of game has reached impeccable heights in the gaming industry and when it has become even more evident that it fits the mobile platform or category as well, its popularity has skyrocketed and reached even more daunting heights. Nowadays, Puzzle game applications have become broader than ever and if you want to have a grand time playing this kind of game, it is vital that you pick the right options in the market.

Finding the best brain games for Android or the best puzzle games in the market, in general, is like finding a needle in a haystack. It's extremely overwhelming and one wrong move could lead you to a game that would disappoint you and may even dishearten you to pick the next game for you to try and indulge on. Our site knows just how frustrating it can be to meet strategy games that would not reach your standards of satisfaction which is why we are here to bring you some of the best free puzzle apps in the industry today that are bound to give you more than what you'd expect from them and it is highly likely that they may even be enough to get you hooked to them.


Being a classic already, one of the best and most fun puzzle games free to download, go to Tetris. With blocks that come in varieties of shapes, a fixed space and buttons to move the blocks from left or right or switch the blocks position 90 degrees at a time - it is easy to see that Tetris comes with a simple gameplay that's pretty easy to play. However, to go far at it and ensure that you endure the higher levels with the faster movement of the blocks, you would have to plan where to put the blocks in the ideal way where you'll be able to create lines of blocks that would keep your towering blocks at a minimal height. Of course, the moment you reach the top with your blocks mark your lost. This game comes with a classic device in the past and is now integrated into the mobile platform as well where you could play and compete with other players as well.

Deus Ex Go

Immersing you in a world that's bound by rules and puzzles in order for you to reach the end of your journey, you'll surely find yourself addicted to this game for all great reasons. Deemed as one of the best free puzzle apps of the year on 2015, Best Mobile handheld game, best mobile game and raking in more rewards than you could think of, it is easy to see that the game is a marvellous puzzle app for you to try. With varieties of tools for you to utilize along with the challenge of staying alive until you reach the end, the goal is simple but the adventure you'll have is definitely as comprehensive as it can be.

The Room

The Room comes in a series of three instalments, all of which are definitely more than enough to keep you occupied for hours of gameplay. It comes with the popular mechanic where you'll be tasked to find items in rooms filled with varieties of items and there are some key items that will allow you to further progress in the game's dark plot that will surely make you more curious to play the game until you finish it. You'll surely find that the game can easily be considered one of the best puzzle games throughout the ages whether it be due to its outstanding graphics, plot, features or overall mechanics.

Mini Metro

Uncover the exquisite and hidden skills you may have never thought you have before, by playing this exquisite and best puzzle game today, where you'll be tasked with the important mission of expanding your rain transit network across different areas. The game comes with an extremely simple yet crisp and robust graphics that will surely be enough to give you more than the satisfying experience you may have expected. Although the graphics are simple, the use of geometry and numerous colours give this game a bold appeal that you'll surely love. On top of that, each level will give you refreshing challenges that would pique your interest more and more, getting you more hooked on the game as time passes by.

Empires and Puzzles

Testing your capabilities to solve and strategized at the same time, empires and puzzles will bring you to a cliché yet extremely mesmerizing medieval world where you'll have to build your empire and battle it out with other players in a multiplayer platform that will not fail to give you a more exciting experience every time you play the game.

Cube Critters

If you want something a bit simpler, devoid of those complex controls and storyline of some other games today, cube critters is the cute and best puzzle app you're looking for. It's a simple game that would simply test your skills and capabilities to think fast as you traverse the diverse stages and deal with varieties of hurdles along the way.