Sonar Game Puzzle Game Guide

The Sonar game is one of the most popular puzzle games and it revolves around sound-based technology. Players take on the role of an agent of Subsonic and are tasked with the mission of sneaking into enemy facilities. They must bypass security personnel and retrieve top-secret intel. The original Sonar Game was developed by a team of indie game developers in a bid to create the most advanced WebGL game.

Sonar Game Guide

All players of this puzzle game will become immersed in the story. They play a mysterious, paranoid person who has been given the job opportunity of a lifetime. You get to become a spy specializing in sound technology. You are given challenging missions and it's up to you to use your brain and strategies to complete them. You have a mysterious voice to guide you and the voice will also send you instructional videos during your training. To be successful in the Sonar game, you have to recognize who the people blocking your path are. There are good guys which include the Voice and Limecoat, a detective. The bad guys are plenty and come in all shapes and sizes so it's up to you to avoid or defeat them.

Puzzle Games Explained

The Sonar game isn't the only puzzle game and there are hundreds of great puzzle games to choose from. These games test your problem-solving skills and can include logic, pattern, recognition, sequences, word competitions, and more. Many of the puzzle games come with time limits too. It's a broad category and unlike many video games, puzzle games make use of challenges and players have a limited number of tries. Some have lots of levels and you have to solve puzzles to get to the next level.

Other Types of Puzzle Games

There are lots of different types of puzzle games. The Sonar game falls into the action and adventure genre. Below we have an overview of the different types of puzzle games you can play.

  • Action and Adventure: In these games, players have to manipulate game pieces in real time and often against a time limit to solve the puzzle or clear the level. This can include fall block games like Tetris or character based games like Lemmings. It can also take the form of a platform game and action title like Portal. Some titles are story driven by quests and combat like The Legend of Zelda. The primary objective in any of these games is to solve puzzles.
  • Hidden Object: In these games, players have to find items from a list that are hidden inside a picture. These popular games can be played on desktop or mobile and many are available for free.
  • Physics: This type of puzzle game is where players have to make use of the game's physical to complete each puzzle. These games are challenging and are very popular in mobile games. Popular titles include Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Monster Strike.
  • Tile Matching: In these games players match tiles to make them disappear. Popular titles include Bejweled, Candy Crush Saga and of course the classic tile puzzle game Mahjong.
  • Traditional Puzzle: There are lots of traditional puzzle games available too including solitaire, word puzzles like scrabble, and number puzzles. Brain training games use these types of puzzles.
    • Top 5 Best Free Puzzle Games For iOS Gamers

      The Sonar game was a popular puzzle game in its time but the invention of mobile technology and smartphones has led to a whole new generation of puzzle games. Below you will find our best free puzzle games for iOS. These games can be played on iPhone and iPad and are definitely worth checking out. There are literally thousands of puzzle games on the App Store so choosing can be quite difficult. We hope our list of best free puzzle games will help you out.

      1. 1010!: This game plays similar to Tetris and challenges players to position shapes into a 10x10 grid. If you get all the shapes to form a complete line the line will disappear to give you more space.
      2. Monument Valley: This puzzle game tells the story of Ida, a princess in a world of impossible geometry. You get to explore and discover her world while guiding her through stairwells and doorways.
      3. Pair Solitaire: In this game, you have to match pairs of cards. It sounds simple but the challenge comes from having to match pairs that are separated by just one card and the matches only remove one of the cards in the pair. You have to clear as many as you can before you run out of moves.
      4. Prune: This is a tree-trimming puzzle game where you help tree branches grow and find their way to sunlight so they can flower. To do this you have to prune and remove branches growing in the wrong direction.
      5. The Room (series): This is a series where players have to explore boxes that can only be opened by hunting for switches, levers, and unseen mechanisms that are controlled by intricate puzzles. There are a variety of different solutions required to open the containers and there are plenty of secrets inside these boxes. Plenty of logic is required to play this game.

      Top 5 Best Free Puzzle Games for Android

      Below are the best free puzzle games for Android users. They can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets and are available to download from the Google Play Store.

      1. Bridge Constructor Portal: This is a physics-based puzzle game and players have to get through 60 test chambers. They have to test vehicles and get to the end of the course using portals, propulsion, and more while avoiding deadly lasers and pits of acid.
      2. The Room series: This series has three games all offering hours of challenging puzzle fun. As you progress through the game you'll find objects that help you find your way out and more of the story will be revealed as you progress. Each game takes a couple of hours as you solve the puzzles.
      3. Threes!: This is a fun number-based puzzle game where you have to swipe around the grid and match like numbers. You need to use strategy though because if you fill up the board you run out of moves and it's game over.
      4. Two Dots: This game is easy to learn, difficult to master, and totally addictive. Your objective is to connect as many dots of the same colour as you can and there are 900+ levels to get through. Once you get through the first ten levels you'll find a linear adventure in Treasure Hunt and another one when you get to level 35.
      5. Brain It On!: This is an addictive physics-based puzzle game that requires players to think outside the box to solve each level. You have to draw lines, shapes, objects, or whatever you think will solve the level. Things get more difficult as you go and there are over 200 levels.

      As you can see, there are some amazing puzzles games for everyone to play and it all started with the Sonar game.