Terms of Agreement You Need To Know When using Sonar Game

It is a given that all sites would have their own set of rules just like diverse establishments out there and we are no different in this department. To make sure that you know what you're getting into before you dive into the site and what we offer, read on below for some of the user agreement terms that you need to fully accept and understand.

Some of the games and other images on the site are not owned by us and may be fully indicated as well through certain means and this means that we do not intend to breach the rights of their owners. It is also important to note that for other contents of the site ranging from articles, design, the logo of the site and many more, all of which the site owns is copyrighted and should be used only for its intended purpose and not for any other personal reasons of the user. Doing so would subject you to the law and proper measures would be setup for it.