Diverse Puzzle Games Considered To Be Top in the Industry

Although more often than not, even the best puzzle games may not be on par with the most innovative games out there in terms of graphics and features, puzzle games remain one of the most sought for type of game today and this is due to variety of reasons which never fail to get us hooked to this genre. The way puzzle games work, touches upon the deepest parts of our brains, giving us challenges and trials that some games fail to provide. These challenges and goals may seem simple but paired up with ways to make things more exciting and more difficult, you'll get a game that would keep you occupied time and time again.

The progress of puzzle games throughout the recent years have become so immense that nowadays, you could find best puzzle apps that you could download and even those free online puzzle games no download requirement. Regardless of your taste when it comes to games, you'll surely find yourself mesmerised with the games we have prepared for you. Although some of them may be titles you already know, you'll surely agree that they are easily some of the best puzzle games in the industry that all sorts of players would surely love to try and play. Make sure to try www.poker-for-free.org to give the most popular game in the world a go: poker. The site offers information on where poker can be played for free without using your own money. You'll also be able to keep what you win, so check it out for hours of fun.


Equipped with an eerie, dark and arcane environment topped with a bit of a goosebumps-inducing plot, there's no doubt that Limbo can easily fit the description for a top puzzle game you're looking for. With a monotonous take on its environment, you're introduced to your character in this game who finds himself at hell's edge. The creepy setup comes with colours ranging from black to white and along with its audio, you'll get a beautiful yet mind-boggling scene. Through your path of finding your sister who's missing, you'll meet few humans and characters in the game all while requiring you to solve some puzzles along the way and of course, without dying. This best puzzle game will surely make one wonder what destiny has in store for the nameless boy you're controlling.


Created by one of the most illustrious and well-known company in the gaming industry, Valve Corporation - the Portal Series which includes the Portal and Portal 2, is undeniably going to be your go-to puzzle-platform games out there which comes with an environment that will make you reminisce about the Half Life universe basically because it is this universe which they have used in their game. Equipped with what is known as the portal gun, you'll be facing a series of challenging test chambers where you'll encounter varieties of challenges that may hinder your path. To go over these challenges, you would have to utilize your wits and your capability to apply plans through the usage of the portal gun, which will surely be highly vital to your success. Find out more about the game and play it in order to see what's in store for you at the exit.


You can never go any more classic than Tetris. This tile-matching video game is one that has hit the arcade several decades ago and in fact, it has even been integrated to several devices before it hit the internet and become more available than ever. With diverse blocks which you could move around the set area of the game and even rotate in each click, you need to last as long as possible in the game and garner points. There are varieties of variations of this game some of which will fit the category of free online puzzle games no download. There are also those instant versions that would connect you to the online platform and even allow you to complete with other players and even level up.

The Room

Games which revolves and centres on finding unique items and solving mysteries have always been a popular option for those looking for best puzzle games in the industry. The Room series would fit right into what you're looking for, as it will let you revel on a mysterious environment filled with elements that makes it evident that the game also hosts a dark plotline for you to look out. Look for the items that would allow you to pave your path through the game and let you find out more about the mystery which binds the elements of the game into a cohesive whole.


A browser-based game which hit the market by 2001, this product from PopCap Games is certainly one of the best puzzle, tile-matching platform out there with the superb popularity that has even resulted to a rise in this type of tile-matching game. The game comes with varieties of jewels on a grid where you could match and revel in a cascading effect that would earn you points and even allow you to hit combos all the while. Do you have what it takes to top other players in its outstanding world? Or if you are up for it, start playing Bejeweled inspired games on legal online casino sites. Browse around these guys, and we are sure you can find something you like.

The Braid

Made for Xbox 360, Linux, OS X, Microsoft and even the PlayStation 3 Platform, this puzzle video game developed by none other than Number none, is one which will surely immerse you in an outstanding world where your task is to find a princess and rescue her from the clutches of a monster with the help of a unique time-manipulation capability.